How can I share my movies with everyone?

Episode 1272 (1:33:45)

Lawrence from Los Angeles, CA

Lawrence finally took the dive and bought a Mac and an iPad. He's managed to put home movies on his computer in MP4 format. But they're huge at 1.90GB each. How can he share them with the family? Leo says that's about right, although he could make them smaller if he was willing to sacrifice some quality. Either way, he won't be able to email them. Leo says that the best option is to upload his videos to YouTube. Then he can send them a link which he can share with others. He can make the videos public or private.

How does he upload the videos? He can go to and create an account. If he has a Gmail account, he already has a YouTube account too. Then he can select the 'upload' button and go from there. Lawrence can even export from iMovie directly to YouTube. So that'll make it really easy. has an explanation of how to do this.