Why doesn't Facebook allow pseudonyms?

Episode 1271 (1:37:56)

Naomi from Denver, CO
Facebook sign

Naomi has been helping a senior with surfing the net through a Chromebook. Leo says that Chromebooks are a great option for people that have limited uses like just checking your email and Facebook. It's a solid option, especially for retired people. It's more secure, reliable, and far less expensive than a general purpose computer which is really overkill for most people's needs. A Chromebook is fantastic in that regard.

But Naomi's friend doesn't like to use her own name online. She has a pseudonym and Facebook decided to kick her off because of it. Leo says that Facebook doesn't allow people to use phoney names. But they have a method to their madness. They force people to use their real name because people tend to behave better that way. But the problem is that some people need to be anonymous online. Facebook won't know that the name is phoney if it sounds like a real name, unless people turn them in. If no one complains, then she should be OK. Just make it a real sounding name and she should be OK. Another tip is to never publish publically. She should just post privately to friends on her list. She can also use her maiden name.

She's also sad that Google is ending Picasa. Leo says that's true, they are, but he thinks that Google Photos is a lot better.