Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1271 (19:27)

Scott Wilkinson

Leo hears that there's a new Atmos Sound Bar. Is it worth it? Scott says that the new UltraHD Premium Spec supports Atmos in the home and it should sound great. And more UHD Blu-ray titles are coming out. Sony is one of four studios that have released UHD Blu-rays as well as Fox, Universal and Lionsgate. So we're coming up to the transition of a new format in home entertainment. Scott even believes that the move to UHD will be faster than when we transitioned from DVD to Blu-ray. And it won't be that much more on the onset. In fact, UHD Blu-ray players are half the price as Blu-ray players were just a few years ago.

Scott says that there's a new set of test files that you can download to test your own hearing acuity. The new tests will show you how high you can really hear, as well as the audio's dynamic range and if you can hear that. They are available at Leo has a hunch that after a career in radio, he won't hear very high frequencies.