Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1271 (1:09:19)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet is cruising on the Rhine and while it's not for everyone because there's not a lot to do, it's very relaxing.

App - Groupie. Create an album. Upload it, and share with others, who can also upload images to the album. Available on iOS and Android. Great for group trips.

Website - Packing Essentials. Here’s a very helpful website for those that don’t have packing down to a science. Just type in your destination and will offer all kinds of to-do lists that irregular travelers might not think of. offers “Preparation & Documents,” which reminds you to empty the trash or leave a copy of your itinerary with a family member. Then comes the “Packing & Accessories” option, which has everything from toiletries to medicines. The next category is “Entertainment & Sundries,” designed to make sure you don’t forget your earbuds/headphones and snacks for the ride, and finally, “Clothing & Foot-wear,” which lists every particles of clothing and footwear you can imagine. It’s free and users can print and save their lists for next time.

Travel Tip of the Week - Look for a wide body plane when you're reserving your flights. It also gives you a better chance to be upgraded to first class because it's larger. Once you find the type of plane, go to for more details.