Can I buy my own modem?

Episode 1271 (58:24)

David from Mansfield, OH

David got a new modem called an ActionTek, but it doesn't work very well. Can he buy his own? Leo says he's not a fan of ActionTek. But David will need to call his provider and ask them if he can use his own modem. They will almost always say yes. For DSL modems to buy, Netgear makes a good DSL Wi-Fi router/modem. Zyxel also has good router/modems, but they're more expensive.

If David's getting TV, he may be out of luck. If it's just for data, he can likely use his own modem. He'll also need the login and password for the gateway. So he'll need to get that information from his provider.

If they won't let him use his own router, he can just use it as a modem and buy his own separate Wi-Fi router. It will give him a better experience.