Why doesn't Dell support Windows 10 on my laptop?

Episode 1270 (55:29)

Richard from Del Rey Beach, FL
Microsoft Windows 10 Start Menu

Richard has a Dell computer and he upgraded to Windows 10. It didn't work too well, though. It turned out that Dell doesn't support Windows 10 on his computer even though it qualifies. He downgraded back to Windows 7. Leo says that there's some hardware on the laptop that they think doesn't have a Windows 10 driver. But if Microsoft says it's ok, it should be ok. Leo recommends trying it again. Leo says that Microsoft is out of control in trying to get people to upgrade to Windows 10, though. They've even added it to the recommended updates portion of Windows update.

Leo even says that some people have been automatically updated. If that's true, then that's nefarious. It's so bad, that Microsoft is camoflaging an ad to upgrade to Windows 10 as a security update.