What apps should I get for the iPhone?

Episode 1270 (1:07:19)

Mike from Portland, MN
Apple iPhone 6s and 6s Plus

Mike finally got an iPhone and he's what apps he should get -- especially for podcasts. Leo says that PocketCasts is a great app that will allow him to sync to any phone he has. The apps he already has are a great place to start. Apple provides great calendar, contacts, photos, and maps apps.

Leo does recommend downloading Google apps like Google Photos, though. Photographer Anthony Tortoriello chimes in with a few ideas as well. Apps he uses include Camera+, which is great for Macro. It also has the ability to turn on the rule of thirds grid, which is great for keeping horizons level. Photo editing apps include Snapseed by Google. It's great for sharpening and pinpoint adding of contrast and lighting. You can also add captions and watermarks, and touch/retouch. Leo says that Adobe's Lightroom app and Adobe Mix are all great. Tony says that Lightroom on the iPad is fantastic. But the iOS Camera app is really powerful. Time Lapse, Slo-Mo video. Instagram.

Mike uses GWX Control Panel to get rid of the Windows 10 ads. Leo says that GWX is a great app and that the developer is doing a service by running it, updating it, and doing it for free!