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Watch Susan from Fullerton, CA Comments

Susan had a tech who put remote desktop software on her computer. Should that bother her? Leo says that in the end it comes down to trust. Does she trust that he won't do anything nefarious? And if he is doing nefarious things, then it's likely too late. If she's concerned, it's important that she ask the tech to spell out why he's putting it on and realize it's a matter of trust. Leo recommends asking the tech to remove it and use an invitation based remote system instead. There are plenty out there and many are free. That way she'll have control over when and where he takes charge of the computer. Here are some good invitation-based programs:

Watch Omar from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Omar's business got hit by ransomware the other day. His files were encrypted and the hackers demanded money to unlock it. Omar said they didn't pay it and now the data has been erased and their most recent backup is two weeks old. Leo says that their IT guy is terrible and has made little effort to protect them. They should have had a continuous backup with versioning. He also should train his employees to use proper online behavior so they aren't victims of it.

Leo says at this point, the business is out of luck and just has to bite the bullet. Having an offsite back up like Carbonite is the best solution that supports versioning to combat ransomware and other malware that's trying to infect them. Omar should check out this white paper at

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Watch John from Kingsford, MI Comments

John has an HDMI switcher and is concerned that it will degrade the signal. Leo says it won't though. Digital signal either works or doesn't, and there's no degrading of the signal. What about juttering? Leo says that is likely coming from a bandwidth issue. It's likely the satellite connection. One issue could be distance. If he has a really long HDMI cable, it could cause weird artifacting and juttering. That's where a higher quality cable comes in handy.

Watch Richard from Del Rey Beach, FL Comments

Richard has a Dell computer and he upgraded to Windows 10. It didn't work too well, though. It turned out that Dell doesn't support Windows 10 on his computer even though it qualifies. He downgraded back to Windows 7. Leo says that there's some hardware on the laptop that they think doesn't have a Windows 10 driver. But if Microsoft says it's ok, it should be ok. Leo recommends trying it again. Leo says that Microsoft is out of control in trying to get people to upgrade to Windows 10, though. They've even added it to the recommended updates portion of Windows update.

Leo even says that some people have been automatically updated. If that's true, then that's nefarious. It's so bad, that Microsoft is camoflaging an ad to upgrade to Windows 10 as a security update.

Watch Mike from Portland, MN Comments

Mike finally got an iPhone and he's what apps he should get -- especially for podcasts. Leo says that PocketCasts is a great app that will allow him to sync to any phone he has. The apps he already has are a great place to start. Apple provides great calendar, contacts, photos, and maps apps.

Leo does recommend downloading Google apps like Google Photos, though. Photographer Anthony Tortoriello chimes in with a few ideas as well. Apps he uses include Camera+, which is great for Macro. It also has the ability to turn on the rule of thirds grid, which is great for keeping horizons level. Photo editing apps include Snapseed by Google. It's great for sharpening and pinpoint adding of contrast and lighting. You can also add captions and watermarks, and touch/retouch. Leo says that Adobe's Lightroom app and Adobe Mix are all great. Tony says that Lightroom on the iPad is fantastic. But the iOS Camera app is really powerful. Time Lapse, Slo-Mo video. Instagram.

Mike uses GWX Control Panel to get rid of the Windows 10 ads. Leo says that GWX is a great app and that the developer is doing a service by running it, updating it, and doing it for free!

Watch Ed from Huntsville, TN Comments

Ed is blind and he's frustrated with printers because they aren't accessible. Leo says that Epson has a feature where he could surf to the printer through his browser and control the printer's interface the same way he'd control any app that can use a Screenreader.

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Watch Christie from Long Beach, CA Comments

Leo says that the first ransomware appeared on the Mac last week. It was through a bittorrent program called Transmission. A bad guy hacked it and added a malware program to the installer that would encrypt the user's data. It only happened for a few hours though. Apple has also yanked the certificate of the company that tried it, updated the signatures of the malware screener on the Mac, and it's extremely unlikely that anyone else will get infected by it.

Christie is looking for a wireless all-in-one printer. She needs one that doesn't need a router because she doesn't know the router password. Leo says to just reset the router and password. Epson has some great wireless printers, like the Artisan. Canon's Pixma is another good option though, and Brother makes a good color laser printer. Standard laser printers are more economical over time, especially if Christie isn't doing photos. InkJets produce better color. So if she's planning on doing photos, then she should go with InkJet. She can get a laser printer for under $100. But if Christie wants an inkjet, then nobody does better than Epson, especially with all-in-ones. Epson's new EcoTank 4550 is great because it comes with a 2 year supply of ink.

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Watch Boris from Corona, CA Comments

Boris is looking for a good Dashcam. Leo says that most of them are all the same with different names, and they're all coming from China. But Leo says that Garmin makes the best ones. The Garmin DashCam 35 is $200. It logs GPS locations and performs well in low light. It records a continuous loop of video in high definition.

Lukas makes some interesting smart dash cams, according to the chatroom. Boris should also check out the breakdown from the WireCutter of the best dashcams. They say the best is Zero Edge Z-Edge Z3.

Watch Ronnie from West Hollywood, CA Comments

Ronnie has an iMac that runs OS X Lion and he's stuck with it, according to a salesman at Apple. They said it won't run El Capitan. Leo says that the retail guy is wrong! Apple offers a free upgrade for Lion. What he may be talking about is that if he erases the hard drive, he can install the OS over the air by downloading and installing. In that case, it will download the OS that came with the Mac. But then he could upgrade for free. A ten year old Mac can upgrade to El Capitan.

Watch Harry from Akron, OH Comments

Harry is reinstalling the Windows Vista OS on a friend's computer and now it's connected to "an unidentified" router with a local access only. He can't get online. Leo advises connecting via hardwire. If that works, then it's a setting that's not allowing it to get online. A driver may need to be downloaded as well. Getting the motherboard drivers from the manufacturer could solve it.

Watch Dale from Upland, CA Comments

Dale's Windows 7 laptop got automatically updated by Microsoft. Leo says that Microsoft has made Windows 10 is an automatic download, and since he had automatic updates turned on, it installed the update. Leo says that's nefarious. Leo says that the good news is he can hit the Windows Key and type "recovery." He'll have 30 days to roll it back to Windows 7 through the Windows recovery utility. Then Dale should install GWX Control Panel, which will prevent it from happening again.

Watch Brad from Lake Forest, CA Comments

Brad has been working with a company to develop a strong encryption for mobile phones mostly to protect business intellectual property through text messaging and voice communications. It's called Scrambl3, and it's based on the NSA's own encryption protocol. It's available for iOS and Android. Leo says he'd be concerned about back doors but if there isn't, then great. Leo uses Wire.

Watch Norm from Diamond Bar, CA Comments

Norm wants to know what laptop to get for his daughter for school. Leo says for Windows, he should consider Dell or Lenovo. The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is a great hybrid that helps students. The MacBook Air is also a great option. If he gets the computer with an SSD, it'll be really fast.