Which HDTV should I buy for good sound?

Episode 1269 (36:31)

Paul from Tarzana, CA
Vizio M Series 43" 4K UHD TV

Paul can't decide between the Vizio and Samsung 32" HDTVs. Leo says he owns both and he thinks that Vizio has the better 'smart' software, and Scott agrees. As for audio quality, Scott says it's not that good on either TV. Leo agrees and says that none of the TV manufacturers put much thought into the speakers since they expect users to already have home theater systems.

Scott says that going up to a 42" won't cost a lot more than a 32", but it'll make a big difference in his viewing experience. Scott recommends the Vizio M Series. It's a good middle of the road model. Leo says his guest room has a Vizio TV and it has decent sound. Scott adds that Vizio makes pretty good budget sound bars as well.