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Watch Gary from Los Ange Comments

Gary wonders if the new LG G6 series can enjoy HDR through Samsung's new Blu-ray player. It has to have HDMI 2.0a. But with DOlby Vision it only needs HDMI 2.0. Scott says that is correct. But what about the Vizio Reference series? It doesn't have HDMI 2.0a. Leo says that's because it's last year's model. So it can only receive Dolby Vision HDR, not HDR 10, which is what the Samsung Blu-ray player does. So Scott says to get the LG G6 TV. It does both. Will Vizio upgrade it with firmware? Scott says not likely. It's a hardware difference.

Watch Paul from Tarzana, CA Comments

Paul can't decide between the Vizio and Samsung 32" HDTVs. Leo says he owns both and he thinks that Vizio has the better 'smart' software, and Scott agrees. As for audio quality, Scott says it's not that good on either TV. Leo agrees and says that none of the TV manufacturers put much thought into the speakers since they expect users to already have home theater systems.

Scott says that going up to a 42" won't cost a lot more than a 32", but it'll make a big difference in his viewing experience. Scott recommends the Vizio M Series. It's a good middle of the road model. Leo says his guest room has a Vizio TV and it has decent sound. Scott adds that Vizio makes pretty good budget sound bars as well.

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Watch Roy from Fresno, CA Comments

Roy has been playing with Linux Mint and wants to know if Wine is safe to use with it. Wine duplicates the Windows Programming Interface, so that he could run a Windows program in Linux. Leo says it's plenty safe to use. Wine tends to work best with more popular programs, so a smaller program may not run on it.

Watch Alan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Alan is having trouble syncing his Android phone with Google. He's running Android 4.3. Leo says it's an older version of Android. That could be the issue, but it's more a settings issue. Alan should make sure he's logged into the right account. He should also make sure it's synchronizing with all of the groups.

Alan should try getting the Google Contacts app in the Google Play Store instead of the built-in Kyocera contacts app. That will work for sure, and should synchronize with the contacts on the Kyocera.

Watch Ruben from Downey, CA Comments

Ruben wants to get an Amazon Kindle Fire tablet. Leo says they're great and everyone at the Brickhouse bought one. Can't beat the price at $50. It's not a powerhouse though, processor wise. But it will run games that run on mobile phones. The screen isn't as good either, and it only has 8GB of storage. But it's worth it.

Watch Dan from Beaumont, TX Comments

Dan has an HP Touchsmart PC and after a recent Windows 7 update, he can't connect to the internet. Leo says that could be a bad update. If he can remove it, he should try that. He may have to do a system restore. That should roll back the update. If that doesn't work, then Dan should back up his data, and do a complete system recover. Once that's done, he should update it completely. If all that doesn't work, then it's a hardware issue.

Watch Abel from New York City Comments

Abel has a friend who's 2007 Thinkpad has started acting up. The fan needed replacing, so he fixed it and now after rebooting, none of the passwords work. So he used some utilities from the Ultimate Boot CD to get into the administrator account. Leo says an administrator can take control of all the files and then back them up. He could also move the data to a new account that he creates. It looks like the desktop has changed its appearance and some files have disappeared.

One thing that Abel can do is run SpinRite. It's not cheap, but it will run through the hard drive and read all the sectors and get back some of that old data and move it to a more reliable sector of the hard drive.

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Watch Derek from Camarillo, CA Comments

Derek just got out of the military, is going to flight school, and wants to know if he should buy a Mac or Windows PC. Leo says it largely depends on what he'll be using it for. If it's gaming or simulators, then Leo says Windows is best. Here are some good Windows PCs to consider:

On the Mac side, we should see a new MacBook Air on the 21st.

Derek wants to know if there is a website that will give vets a deal. Leo says to check with local vet organizations. Apple does offer a military, veteran, and educational discount. The chatroom says that and are great places to go to get a deal.

Watch Ellie from Honolulu, HI Comments

Ellie has a friend who wants an iPhone with unlimited data. Leo says Sprint and T-Mobile are the two carriers that offer unlimited data. They're very affordable as well. In fact, T-Mobile has a pay as you go deal for $30 that includes unlimited data and texting, and 100 minutes of calling. That's a bargain. If she doesn't mind a Google Nexus phone, then Google Fi is a great pay as you go plan.

Watch Gary from Wichita, KS Comments

Gary has to buy a new modem. Leo recommends going to and look at a Cable modem. The ARRIS SB6141 SURFboard is a great one, but Gary should make sure his cable company supports it. He'll want a DOCSIS 3 modem.

Watch Christian from Tarzana, CA Comments

Christian bought the Epson EcoTank ET4550 printer and the ET2550 and he really likes the scan to cloud feature. But the problem is that that 2550 doesn't support it, even though it says it does. Leo says that the menu system may be different and it could be located in another place.

Leo also says to be sure he has an Epson Connect account set up. He should also update the firmware. He should check out this FAQ page on for more information.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Hope from Hemmit, CA Comments

Hope uses Windows 10 and when she goes to a website, she doesn't see any images, just text. Leo says to refresh the page to reload. She can press Shift F5 and that will reload the page. There may also be something that's blocking all the images, like a plugin or extension. Hope uses an ad blocker and that could be doing it. Leo has a hunch that something is running on the system that's blocking it. It could be an overzealous antivirus program. There could also be an extension in Google Chrome that is blocking it.