What's the best 70" TV for $1200?

Episode 1268 (1:42:34)

Gary from Downey, CA
VIZIO E-Series 70” Class Full-Array LED Smart TV

Gary wants to buy a new 70" HDTV and his budget is around $1200. Leo says that if there's a 70" for that price, it's probably a Vizio. The M-Series are good TVs. The E-Series is great as well. Leo bought one. Vizio corners the market for decent TVs for the price. This Vizio E-Series 70" TV is $1200 and Leo thinks it's a good choice.

Gary is wondering about 4K vs. 1080p. Leo says there's very little 4K content and what there is streams quite compressed, so there's no real compelling reason to get 4K right now. Leo says Gary can stick with 1080p. That also means he'll be getting either last year's models or a refurb. If he gets a refurb, Leo says to get it from Vizio. They'll give him a full warranty with it.