How do I reactivate Windows on my computer?

Episode 1268 (1:35:28)

Anne from Oceanside, CA

Anne had her computer repaired and now she's getting a popup asking her to activate Windows. Leo says that yes, she'll have to activate Windows because they probably reinstalled the entire OS. She doesn't have the key, though. Leo says that it's annoying that the manufacturer fixed the computer and they should have activated it for her. Leo suggests looking underneath the laptop and there should be a sticker that has her key on it. It will be 10 groups of 4 characters. There may also be a product service key.

She's also not getting any updates. Leo says she won't get updates until she activates Windows. Until then, she should run the Windows Malicious Software Removal Tool. She can press Windows Key + R, then type MRT and hit Return. This will run the tool and give her computer a complete scan.