How can I copy my files in Windows?

Episode 1268 (2:03:04)

Jim from Madison, WI

Jim wants to save his files to a thumbdrive and hears there's a command that he can enter to do it. Leo says drag and drop file copying is the easiest way to do it. Just drag and drop the Documents and Settings folder into it.

In Windows, there is something called RoboCopy, where you can use the command line to copy files. You would open the command line by pressing "Windows Key + R", then type "CMD". Then type RoboCopy. If you type "RoboCopy /?" you'll see all the parameters. You can also type "RoboCopy-help" for more information.

Jim is worried about upgrading to Windows 10 because he hears that Media Player isn't included anymore. Leo says it's still there. Microsoft took out Windows Media Center, which is a home theater PC utility that not many people used. To backup files, Microsoft still uses SyncToy, and there's also Second Copy, which will sync as well.