Is hard drive speed more important than processor speed?

Episode 1268 (49:18)

Henry from Riverside, CA
Apple iMac

Henry wants to buy a new Mac and wants to know if it's true that processor speed isn't as important as hard drive speed. Leo says that's true. Processors are really fast now and there's only a dimes worth of difference between them for every day use. It's better to get an i5 and then spend more money on a faster hard drive and better screen. Leo says that a 21" iMac with an SSD is best for speed, but a Fusion Drive would give him more space plus a speed boost.

Henry also needs a MacBook Air. Leo says that Skylake based MacBooks will be coming out really soon, plus there may be a Retina MacBook Air coming. If he can put it off for a few months, it would be a good idea.