Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge First Impressions

Episode 1267 (03:40)

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Leo got the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and here's his first impressions:


  • It's beautiful. Leo got the gold one and it's like a bar of gold.
  • It has the best screen on the market. The curved edge screen allows for no bezel, which is nice, but it's kind of hard to hold.
  • They brought back the microSD card storage, which can take a card up to 200GB.
  • The camera is incredible. It is one of the best that Leo has ever used. Very good in low light thanks to an f1.7 aperture settings. It has a nice LED flash as well.
  • The Snapdragon 820 processor is very fast.


  • Attracts fingerprints.
  • "Edge" feature is kind of silly, and Leo doesn't care for TouchWiz either.
  • No replaceable battery, but there is a larger battery inside.
  • Only 32GB storage built in and some apps can't save to the SD card.
  • Reversed menu buttons
  • No unlocked versions, but they do sell through all four major carriers.
  • Price is very high at over $700.
  • Only has one speaker, whereas many Android phones now have stereo speakers.

All in all, Leo says that the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is a winner and a very credible competitor to the iPhone.