How can I connect my home theater wirelessly?

Episode 1267 (31:07)

Greg from San Jose, CA

Greg has a new HDTV and he doesn't want wires. How can he go wireless with his home theater unit? Scott says that a company called DVDO makes a wireless HDMI system called Air3C. It's around $200 for a transmitter and receiver, which uses the 60 GHz band. That means the transmitter and receiver must be more or less in line of sight with each other and can't be used to transmit from one room to another.

As for models that work without line of sight, Scott suggests the Iogear GWHD11, which is $230 for a transmitter and receiver. It operates in the 5 GHz band and it should be able to pass through some types of walls (depending on construction). It specifies a max distance of 30 feet, depending on environment. The DVDO Air3C also specifies max distance of 30 feet, but only in-room.
Both products work with 1080p signals and 3D, not 4K/UHD or HDR. But the caller had a 1080p Pioneer Kuro plasma, so either of these should work just fine for that.