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Watch Burt from California Comments

Burt plugged in his iPad to update it and it has been verifying the update for hours and can't be opened. Leo says the update probably failed and he can do a hard reset. Burt should press the on/off switch and the home button together and hold it down. Then it will boot up and load the current OS. Then he can try again.

Watch Bill from Snowmass, CO Comments

Bill's computer was bit by ransomware. His computer has been locked and encrypted and the hacker won't open it until he pays for it. Leo says the problem is that there's no guarantee they will unlock it or if they do, they can just lock him down again. There's not much he can do but format the hard drive and restore from a backup. But he shouldn't ever pay the ransom.

Watch Mark from Ohio Comments

Mark accidentally deleted photos from his Android phone. How can he get it back? Leo says he can do it by mounting his Android device to his computer and put it in MTP mode. Then he can use an undelete utility to restore the image. There may also be an app in the Google Play store that can do it. Mark should turn off the phone and do nothing with it until he's ready to restore it. Connect it to his computer and use apps like Install Image or Disk Digger.

Mark also uses Facebook, but he doesn't use the app. How can he get rid of the app? Leo says he can't. Android made a deal with Facebook to have it on the phone. If he's worried about someone stealing his data, it's encrypted via https secure browsing. So it's scrambled.

Watch Barry from Northridge, CA Comments

Barry bought a Microsoft Surface Pro 4. Leo says to update it right away if he hasn't. It solves a lot of problems. Barry did that, but his battery life is terrible. He's determined that it's Skype and it keeps trying to connect. Leo says to be sure to get the firmware update. That will improve power management.

Leo suggests that Barry check out this tech note at Here's another article on battery use with Skype at

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Watch Mike from Kentucky Comments

Mike wants to put Windows on his Mac and wants to know how he should format his drive. Leo says that exFAT is a good option because it can go bigger than 4GB per file and Mac supports it. But Leo just uses FAT32. exFAT is also optimized for Flash, so it works great on USB keys.

Watch Dale from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Dale has an old Mac Pro and when he upgrades, he wants to be able to connect the drives to his new Mac. Leo says that the Mac Pro will soon get Thunderbolt 3 and it will be really fast. And the 5k iMac is amazing. Thunderbolt will allow him to daisy chain his devices with external boxes and optical drives. He should check out OtherWorldComputing at

Watch Sigmund from London, England Comments

Sigmund recently had heart surgery and they replaced one of his heart valves. It 'ticks' rather loudly, though. Leo says that Dr. Mom says it's not unusual for mechanical heart valves to have an audible ticking noise. Leo says that some mics, mostly condenser mics, are very sensitive and can pick up the faintest of sounds. That's why most studios use dynamic mics. They don't pick up a lot of external sounds. But condenser mics can be tuned to not pick up that. Sigmund should find that in his Yeti settings. He can also "declick" the audio recording through recording software. It's usually used to declick the recording of records, but it should work for him as well. Sigmund should check out Magic Audio.

Watch Sigmund from London, England Comments

Leo says no. It's a limitation to Bluetooth. Many devices can be paired, but only one will be active. A Bluetooth receiver that can then split it out could work, though.

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Watch Sandra from Bedford, IN Comments

Sandra is trying to get her kids to use their mobile phones to input their assignments and other calendar information. Is there an app that can help? For Android, Consumer Reports has a list of 19 great apps at It includes a great app called Studious. On the iPhone side, Sandra could check out My Homework. It works with

Watch Rich from Sylmar, CA Comments

Rich got bit by ransomware and wants to know if he'll still be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Leo says that if he already had Windows 7 or Windows 8.1, he can. The license key has been linked to the computer itself. He'll be entitled to install it on his computer. Since Windows 10 has been activated, he can then download the Windows 10 ISO from Microsoft and install it. Windows will re-activate it and he'll be ready to go.

Watch Joseph from Highland, CA Comments

Joseph has an old Mac and he has tons of videos, music, and other stuff on it. He's deleted a lot of it. But he still has over 172GB of files he can't find. How can he get rid of them? Leo says to download Disc Inventory X. It will show him what and where those files are and will help him get rid of them.

Generally, though, Leo advises just starting from scratch once a year. He should back up his data and then format the hard drive and reinstall the OS. That way it's like starting over and will be just like the day he got it. For Mac, he'll just have to reboot the machine and hold down the CMD key + R. It will allow him to then rebuild and install the OS. Then he can just update it and he'll be all cleaned up and ready to move forward.

Watch Bruce from Hunting Beach, CA Comments

Bruce has a 2012 MacBook Air bootcamped to start up with Windows 7. He keeps getting asked to upgrade. Leo says it is a free upgrade until July 29th. Will he have any problems doing it with BootCamp? Will he need new drivers? Apple has created drivers for Windows 10. What about registering it? Leo says that your computer is entitled to it and when you upgrade, it should just install and activate. Apple Support has an article -

Watch Steve from New Jersey Comments

Steve has been cleaning out an old storage unit and found a ton of old boxes of vintage software. Will they be worth anything? Leo says that probably not. It may be worth it to the computer history museum in Boston or the Smithsonian. But they may already have copies. Those were so common that all of that old software is probably more common than he'd think. On the other hand, a few minutes on eBay will tell him if it's worth anything.

Watch Ron from Hayden, CO Comments

Ron has a problem that any time he tries to buy something on, his computer crashes. Leo says Ron may want to try resetting the browser. That will clear out whatever is deep inside the browser cache. If that doesn't solve it, then there may be some malware that is taking advantage of his web surfing.