Nextbit Robin Android Smartphone Review

Episode 1265 (1:29:54)

Nextbit Robin

Nextbit is a company founded by a former designer of the HTC One along with a couple of ex Google Android developers. They raised money from venture capitalists and then went to Kickstarter and raised a few million more for a new Android phone called the Robin. It comes in two colors: Mint and Midnight Blue. It's made of soft plastic, not metal. It has hard, square edges. Like the HTC One, it has front-facing stereo speakers. The fingerprint reader is the power button on the side of the phone.

The Nextbit Robin runs a mostly pure version of Android. It only comes with 32 GB of storage, with no SD card slot, but it does come with a free 100GB of online storage. It will upload all of your personal data, but it also will store apps in the cloud as well. If an app isn't being used as much, it's removed from the phone and then made accessible from the cloud. They chose a lower resolution screen on the display, but that helps with battery life, which is very good and can last an entire day.

The camera is decent as well, at 13MP with a dual-tone flash. It may not be as impressive as Samsung's new Galaxy S7, but it also is about half the price. Nextbit Robin is only $400 unlocked. Find out more at