Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1265 (1:05:44)

Johnny Jet

Johnny Jet had to fly sick this week coming back Washington DC. He tried to change his ticket and the airlines said that he'd have to pay nearly $1,000 to rebook. This is why he has an annual flight insurance policy, so that if he has to miss his flight, he'd be covered. It costs him $440 a year and it covers hotels, doctor visits, etc. It's well worth it if you travel a lot. But you need to read the fine print to be sure it gives you a cancel anytime option.

A good tip if you're sick is to carry a mask with you when you travel. That way you don't get people sick when flying. Or, you can carry one and offer it to someone who is sick and doesn't have one. Secondly, wash your hands. A lot. People most often get sick through touch.

Travel website - Wakeup Dialer. You get a phone call with a message from actor Stephen Fry. It's free too. There's also an app for it.

Travel app - In LA? Check out GoLA. It will show you the quickest way to get from point A to point B in Los Angeles.