Why can't I print through Google Cloud Print?

Episode 1264 (21:03)

Phillip from Mountain View, CA

Phillip can't get his Chromebook to print to his printer through Google Cloud Print. Leo says that it may be that Phillip's HP printer doesn't support cloud printing. Google says that HP printers are supported, but it doesn't mean all printers are. Phillip says he has to keep his Windows machine on and connected or the printer goes offline. Leo says that if the printer is shared through the computer, then it would have to be that way. If the printer is a Wi-Fi printer and is connected directly to his Wi-Fi network, then it should be connected to Cloud Print. Leo says there may be printer sharing going on and that could be the culprit.

Another caller says that AT&T UVerse uses channel 11 and so does HP. If he uses UVerse, then he can't cloud print.