Johnny Jet on Travel

Episode 1264 (1:54:29)

Johnny Jet

Johnny is in Washington DC this week.

This week's travel app - StayConnect. This app allows you to pair your mobile device with your hotel room TV. By using the code found on your TV’s main menu and connecting your device, you’ll able to:

  • Power the TV on and off,
  • Control and mute the volume of the TV
  • Change channels and browse the lineup with the included channel list. Upgrade your experience with an in-app purchase of the program guide for $0.99 for a full year (program data is licensed from a 3rd party)
  • Browse still in theater movies, daily deals, and popular TV shows
. Rent them from your mobile device and watch on the room TV.
  • Control your rented TV content with the enhanced playback controls
  • Find out more information about your hotel and its services
  • Request housekeeping, room service, and more

Free on both iOS and Google Play.

Website - Ranks the passports from 199 different countries as to which passports have the easiest time traveling overseas. The US and the United Kingdom lead the list followed by France, Germany and Korea.

Travel Tip - Renew your passport now. By 2018, more states are requiring people to get passports if your driver's licence isn't REAL ID compliant. And if you go on a cruise, you will have to have a passport by 2018. So the US State Department will in inundated to process them. It takes at least six months to get right now. Check out more -