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Episode 1264 February 21, 2016

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Audience Questions

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Watch Bryan from Bend OR Comments

Bryan wants to know how secure Google Fi is. Leo says that there isn't any data beyond it, but there's word that all traffic is routed through Google's VPN. So if he trusts Google, then there's little to be worried about. If he doesn't, he should just remember that he still has to trust the carrier.

Here's an explanation from on how it's done. If he would prefer to use one carrier over another through Google Fi, then Leo suggests an app called Signal Spy that will tell him what carrier he's using, and give him the option to switch carriers.

Watch Bill from California Comments

Bill wants to know how the EcoTank works long term -- is the ink formulated so it doesn't dry out? Leo says that he isn't sure, but with every day light use, EcoTank ink will last a long time, so it would have to be a different kind of ink to prevent clogging.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Phillip from Mountain View, CA Comments

Phillip can't get his Chromebook to print to his printer through Google Cloud Print. Leo says that it may be that Phillip's HP printer doesn't support cloud printing. Google says that HP printers are supported, but it doesn't mean all printers are. Phillip says he has to keep his Windows machine on and connected or the printer goes offline. Leo says that if the printer is shared through the computer, then it would have to be that way. If the printer is a Wi-Fi printer and is connected directly to his Wi-Fi network, then it should be connected to Cloud Print. Leo says there may be printer sharing going on and that could be the culprit.

Another caller says that AT&T UVerse uses channel 11 and so does HP. If he uses UVerse, then he can't cloud print.

Watch Mark from Tustin, CA Comments

Mark wants to know how he can fix Outlook so that he can use bold and underline. Leo says that Outlook has stripped out formatting in order to be more compatible with other services. Mark needs to turn on 'Rich Formatted Text.' He can find out how with this article on Another way is to use OneNote and link notes in Outlook 2013 with an add-on extension. That's probably the best way to do it.

Watch Mark from Tustin, CA Comments

Mark also wants to know the best network attached storage device for his needs. Leo says that Drobo may be good for that, especially for USB or Thunderbolt connections. But he also prefers Synology if he's using Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

(Disclaimer: Drobo is a sponsor).

Watch Carl from Burbank, CA Comments

Carl does video editing in Final Cut Pro and can't seem to find his files on Windows. Leo says that it's likely a file formatting issue. Windows PCs can't read Mac drives. Macs can read Windows drives, if its formatted in FAT. Leo suggests reformatting the drive on Windows to EXT-FAT. That way both platforms will be able to read it. Carl should copy the data off, format the external drive and then put the data back on. That way he won't need special translation software to read it.

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Watch Charlie from La Canada Flintridge, CA Comments

Charlie has a Samsung mobile phone and he's amazed with its accessibility features that read text aloud. How does that work? Leo says that Samsung uses their own voice dictation called S Voice and Google has their own voice dictation service that is quite good. Samsung uses Nuance, which has been in this game for decades with Dragon Dictate. It used to be a real challenge, but Leo says that thanks to Nuance and Google, voice dictation is light years better now. Leo also says that with Amazon Echo, it's even more advanced.

There are some challenges, like punctuation and context. Say "period," and it could give you a "." But they're getting better at it.

Watch Chris from Warren, OH Comments

Chris heard that Linux got its Mint site hacked. Is Mint secure? Leo says that it was hacked and users could have been redirected to a corrupt operating system. Linux knows about it and they immediately fixed the issue and users should verify the ISO with an MD5 hash verification system or redownload the ISO with the fixed copy.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris was thinking about putting a Fusion Drive into his computer, but they cost $1000 or more! Leo says that's because Apple's Fusion Drive is proprietary, so he'd have to pay the Apple Premium. A Fusion Drive is a merging of a spinning drive and an SSD, but it's not as fast as an SSD. Leo prefers to roll his own. He uses an SSD on his computer to run his apps, and has a spinning drive for file storage.

ComputerWorld has an article on how to build a Fusion Drive for a fraction of the cost, but it's not for the faint of heart.

Watch Dave from Carson City, NV Comments

Dave just bought an RV and he's looking for a booster for Wi-Fi and 4G Internet reception. Leo says truckers use Wi-Fi antennas and many have magnets. As for 4G, Leo says he won't really need one for that. It either works or it doesn't. And in areas of limited reception, the chatroom says that Weboost makes them for $200. It's essentially a 4G repeater.

There are other options out there, such as the Wilson Repeater. Dave should check out and

Watch Elliot from Boston, MA Comments

Elliot wants to switch to Google Fi to Verizon. Leo says that's a great idea, but Elliot's Galaxy S6 won't work on it. He'll have to have a Google Nexus phone. This is because there's a hardware switch that supports the handoff from one carrier to another.

Watch Michael from Canyon City, CO Comments

Michael says that the longer Apple can appeal and resist the court order, the better it looks for Apple. Leo says yes and no, because we now know that Apple's encryption isn't one way and that they can open any phone if they choose to give in to the FBI's demands. Leo suspects that Apple will eventually give in and when they do, there are encryption programs in 70 different nations that are uncrackable.

Watch Ed from Crossville, TN Comments

Ed has an email address with his domain and wants to get away from GoDaddy. Leo says he can go to Gmail and have it redirect his domain name email to it. It's called email forwarding and he won't have to pay for storing his email on their servers.