What equipment do I need to get into voiceovers?

Episode 1263 (14:18)

Roger from Bannon, OR
Heil PR40

Roger would like to get into voiceover work and wants to know what equipment he needs that is high quality, but affordable. Leo says that breaking into voiceover is a challenge, but it's easy enough to build your own sound studio. Many work out of their house thanks to high speed internet and ISDN telephone lines. But the ISDN line can be expensive, so it's better just to record at home and then upload.

For a good sound booth, Roger should try using a closet full of clothes first. He can also use non-flammable foam to adhere to the walls. For a mic, Leo uses the Heil PR40, which costs $350. It's a professional XLR mic though, so he'll need a USB interface that can bridge the gap. Shure makes a good one for under $100. Speaking of Shure, the SM58 is $125, and it's a workhorse of a mic.

For Windows, Roger can record in Audacity, which is a free program. There's also Adobe Audition, or on the Mac, Amadeus Pro.

There's a great documentary about it that Roger should watch at iknowthatvoice.com.