Apple Stands Up Against Court Order to Unlock Terrorist's iPhone

Episode 1263 (02:22)

The FBI, through a court order, has demanded that Apple unlock an iPhone which was used by one of the terrorists in the San Bernardino mass killings. Even though Apple has opened 70 iPhones for the FBI, they have never actually altered iOS to create what they believe would be a 'back door' to every single phone. A judge agreed with the FBI that Apple must comply, but Tim Cook has taken a public stance of resistance to the court order. Even more surprising, the FBI changed the password themselves already.

Leo says that the FBI has all the phone backups, including data from those call and text records. So Apple says that the FBI just wants the back door and are trying to use the San Bernardino shooting as a wedge to force the issue. The FBI says it's Apple's marketing to promote themselves as a privacy company. Another issue is that Apple has recently changed how the iPhone is encrypted, so that not even Apple can unlock it. The irony is that the FBI is using an 18th century law to try and force Apple to comply.