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Watch Roger from Bannon, OR Comments

Roger would like to get into voiceover work and wants to know what equipment he needs that is high quality, but affordable. Leo says that breaking into voiceover is a challenge, but it's easy enough to build your own sound studio. Many work out of their house thanks to high speed internet and ISDN telephone lines. But the ISDN line can be expensive, so it's better just to record at home and then upload.

For a good sound booth, Roger should try using a closet full of clothes first. He can also use non-flammable foam to adhere to the walls. For a mic, Leo uses the Heil PR40, which costs $350. It's a professional XLR mic though, so he'll need a USB interface that can bridge the gap. Shure makes a good one for under $100. Speaking of Shure, the SM58 is $125, and it's a workhorse of a mic.

For Windows, Roger can record in Audacity, which is a free program. There's also Adobe Audition, or on the Mac, Amadeus Pro.

There's a great documentary about it that Roger should watch at

Watch Mark from Escondido, CA Comments

Mark uses a registry cleaner and wants to know what Leo thinks of using them. Leo says that a well designed OS shouldn't need one for maintenance, and a registry cleaner can create more problems than it can cure. He thinks that the promise of fixing the registry to improve performance is simply snake oil, and comes from the older days when Windows just wasn't that great at managing it's resources.

The best thing Mark can do is not use them at all and just make sure his online behavior is guarded. Mark should keep his system up to date, apply all patches, delete all the programs he doesn't need and only get software from reliable sources that don't run in the background.

Watch Deborah from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Deborah got a new tablet when she renewed her contract with AT&T, but she's getting what's called a black screen of death where the screen isn't displaying anything. Leo says that what's probably happening is the screen brightness has been turned down to zero. Leo suggests a system reset. She should hold down the power button and then hold down the volume up button. That should get the tablet into a recovery mode. One she's in that recovery screen, she can do a complete factory reset.

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Watch Ian from Lakeview Terrace, CA Comments

Ian is 11 and wants to know if he should buy a MacBook or build his own gaming computer. Leo says that building a computer is a fun project, and a great learning experience. But if something goes wrong, he'll have to be his own support. If he buys a computer, then he'll have a company to support him. Leo also says that running Steam means that many games are ported to the Mac, but most gamers are on PC, and that means Windows. But if he's planning on doing other things like getting into video editing, then Leo would recommend the Mac.

Watch Shane from Costa Mesa, CA Comments

Shane is a video guy and he has to edit together video files for court cases. He wants to know how he can put time code onto the image. Leo says that some video cameras will burn the data onto the image as it records. It's a setting in the menu. It does vary by make, model and year of the camcorder. Effen Dunn used to be a videographer for the LAPD and if he can see it on the camera, there should be a way to get it onto the image directly.

Watch Ginger from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Ginger is ready to buy her first smartphone. She's with Sprint, but she's thinking of moving to Verizon. Leo says it depends on her location for what carrier is best. One service that Leo uses is Google Fi. It uses Sprint, T-Mobile or Wi-Fi.

Leo suggests going to to request an invitation. The service is limited to phones to Google's pure Nexus line. But for the first smartphone, Leo usually recommends an iPhone. Leo suggests choosing her carrier and then deciding which phone from there.

Watch Kevin from Alhambra, CA Comments

Kevin's RAM was failing so he put it into another channel and it worked. Leo says the motherboard manual will show him how to install RAM and sometimes he'll need to put the RAM in pairs. A slot may be bad.

Should he build a whole new machine? Would it be faster? Leo says that it may not. But if he fixes the motherboard, it might. SSDs are probably fine to keep. The chatroom says that the memory should still work, just not in dual channel.

Watch Eric from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Eric gets Wi-Fi where he lives but it's very weak. Would a repeater help? Leo said it could, but he'll need to place it half way between the router and his location, and that may not work well for his living situation. A USB Wi-Fi antenna could be a better choice because he can position and direct it.

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Watch Ellie from Hawaii Comments

Ellie has a problem with the sensors on the bottom of the Apple Watch because they irritate her skin. Leo says that there are translucent Apple Watch cases that would work. Spigen has one called the rugged Armor case for $13.99. iBlason makes another case that would work.

Watch Michelline from Studio City, CA Comments

Michelline doesn't want to have a paid iCloud account. Leo says that she doesn't have to buy anything, but she does need an Apple account. That's mostly so that she can have iCloud and a way to track her phone in the event that it's stolen. She doesn't want to pay for iCloud, though. Leo says she'll get 5GB for free and that's good enough for most people unless she's backing up photos and videos. $2 a month gets her 200GB and that's plenty for photo backup. Leo also recommends using Google Photos. It's free for every picture she takes, and she can search, tag and sort photos.

Watch Ron from North Carolina Comments

Ron picked up several 4TB Seagate drives, and he's wondering if he can use the A drive and B drive slots with the hard drives. Leo says that the floppy disc controllers are long gone. And Microsoft still uses drive names for compatibility issues. So no, they won't work.

Watch Dale from Santa Monica, CA Comments

Dale uses a database program called Steel. It's being killed off and he can't get the data out of it. Leo says he'll have to be able to export it somehow in the 'save as' option. Dale says he can save it as a text file. He should look for 'comma separated values' or 'tab separated values.'

Dale should download TextWrangler from Bare Bones software. It has a setting called 'show invisible' and with luck, there will be structure to it that he can take advantage of and import it into a spreadsheet.

Watch Pete from San Diego, CA Comments

Pete has a 2011 iMac and he needs more screen real estate. What monitor should he get? Leo says that iMac can probably drive more than one screen. Pete says that third party monitors throw off the aspect ratio, but he doesn't want to pay the Apple premium.

Leo says Apple sets a preference pane for each monitor and sets them separately. So Pete can just get a monitor from Dell instead. They have Thunderbolt capable monitors and will cost half as much, and the aspect ratio will be fine.