What printers have accessibility for the blind?

Episode 1262 (1:43:20)

Den from El Segundo, CA

Den's older inkjet printer died. He's blind, though, and finds it difficult that most printers use touch screens now. Are there any printers that would be better for accessibility? Leo says that's a serious problem. Office printers are often different from home printers because they have to adhere to the American with Disabilities Act. Leo says that the best thing to do is use software so Den doesn't have to use the printer screen. Everything he'll want to do with a printer he can likely do in the software. Then he can use NVDA, an open source screen reader, which Den says is excellent. Den says it works as well as JAWS which costs thousands. Leo likes Epson and many of their products meet standards.

VPAT outlining accessibility information is a document that Epson can send him that lists the products that are accessible. Den will need to email epson_vpat_section508@mailpc.custhelp.com with the subject "Section 508 Regulations" to get more information on it.

John in Ohio called to say that the Epson WorkForce 845 works great with ZoomText with Speech. He can just use the software on his computer and the screen reader works great with it.

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