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Watch Dan from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Dan is getting rid of his cable box and is looking for an analog to digital converter for his over-the-air antenna. Leo recommends the ChannelMaster. It's like a TIVO for an antenna. This is a great option for cable cutters.

Dan should also get an ATSC Tunner, which will take the current over-the-air signals and convert them for use with an analog device. Dan should visit He can enter his zip code and find out what channels he'll be getting. Another site to check out is

Leo recommends pretending that he has an HDTV and buy everything with HDMI. Then he can use an HDMI to analog converter from until he can get an HDTV to replace the older one he has. The best analog connection to look for in the converter is component. The next best is S-video, and then composite. Newegg has an HDMI to Component converter for $35.

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Watch Ron from North Carolina Comments

Ron is looking for a new Android phone and he wants a pure Android version. Leo says his primary choice is the Google Nexus 6P. But there will be plenty of new options coming in a few weeks including the Samsung Galaxy S7, the LG G5, and even the Nextbit Robin, which is an inexpensive Android phone. The best bang for the buck is the Nexus because it'll always get the updates, though.

Watch Bruce from Long Beach, CA Comments

Bruce has been getting a lot of robo calls lately on his cell phone. Leo says that's because a lot of them are coming from overseas now and they don't pay attention to the National Do Not Call registry. It's against the law to robocall cellphones. But since they're out of the country, they don't think they are bound by it. It's only going to get worse. Leo says that if he doesn't recognize the number, he just ignores it.

Watch Scott from Jasper, GA Comments

Scott wants to do medical weight loss surgery and he wants to raise the money to pay for his share of the cost. Which crowdfunding site should he use? Leo says that GoFundMe is the best for a personal project like weight loss. Chances are he's going to get most of his help from friends and family, and people he knows on Facebook. Another option is Patreon.

Watch Steve from Yucaipa, CA Comments

Steve got a copy of Sophos antivirus, but it suddenly stopped working after installing Windows 10. Leo says that's because sometimes security software can cause problems with upgrading, and that sounds like what happened. Leo also says that the version of antivirus may also be the issue here. But Leo says that times have changed and he doesn't really recommend antivirus software anymore. Most security experts don't use them. Here are some tips for staying secure online:

1. Keep the computer, browser, and any other software that goes online updated.
2. Be very cautious about installing software from unknown sources. Only get software from very reliable first party sources.
3. Watch out for scams. Don't trust popups that claim to be from a legit source trying to update or install something.
4. Watch out for phishing scams. Don't trust messages with links to click, even if it looks very legitimate.

Microsoft has it's own antivirus now that's better anyway, called "Microsoft Security Essentials" for Windows 7 and "Windows Defender" in Windows 10.

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Watch Den from El Segundo, CA Comments

Den's older inkjet printer died. He's blind, though, and finds it difficult that most printers use touch screens now. Are there any printers that would be better for accessibility? Leo says that's a serious problem. Office printers are often different from home printers because they have to adhere to the American with Disabilities Act. Leo says that the best thing to do is use software so Den doesn't have to use the printer screen. Everything he'll want to do with a printer he can likely do in the software. Then he can use NVDA, an open source screen reader, which Den says is excellent. Den says it works as well as JAWS which costs thousands. Leo likes Epson and many of their products meet standards.

VPAT outlining accessibility information is a document that Epson can send him that lists the products that are accessible. Den will need to email with the subject "Section 508 Regulations" to get more information on it.

John in Ohio called to say that the Epson WorkForce 845 works great with ZoomText with Speech. He can just use the software on his computer and the screen reader works great with it.

(Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris wants to replace his hard drive with an SSD. Which one should he get? Leo says that SSDs have gotten cheaper and it's a good buy for speeding up a computer.

Watch Mike from Twin Falls, ID Comments

Mike has a Channel Master DVR and he had to install his own hard drive because the one it comes with is really small. But it was worth it because he doesn't have to pay a monthly fee.

The tuner, though, loses signal strength and degrades in quality sometimes. Leo says that's odd because digital should either work or not. It doesn't degrade well.

In the chatroom the problem was diagnosed and it matters where you have the Channel Master in your home, believe it or not. Leo thinks there may be some crosstalk or some analog misbehavior. It could be that Mike is using an indoor antenna, which can be easily interferred with. It's going to take a lot of trial and error to tweak the location. Leo advises checking out

Watch Michael from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Michael downloaded Kit Kit Android for his Motorola Razor and now he's getting lousy battery life. Leo says that Kit Kat is two versions old now, which is very common with older phones. Leo says that he could downgrade back to the previous version.

Michael can go to He should search for the exact model of Razor in the forums and they will show him how to root his phone and then put a custom recovery and ROM for it. Then he could install the old software or try a newer version under Cyanogen Mod 12.

Watch George from Houston, TX Comments

George has a huge MP3 file he wants to chop up into several small clips. Leo says that MP3 Splitter is a good option. Audacity is another good option. He may need an MP3 encoder like LAME along with it.

Watch Laura from South Carolina Comments

Laura wants to know if upgrading to Windows 10 will prevent her from going back to Windows 7. Leo says that she can go back within 30 days, and after that, she could just install over it with no problems. But next year, Microsoft is going to probably stop supporting it for newer hardware because of upcoming processors. She'd be able to use it on older hardware, but moving forward, Windows 10 is the way to go.