What's the best cloud storage for back up?

Episode 1261 (11:58)

Bob from Detroit, MI

Bob needs a cloud based storage solution for being a digital pack rat. Leo says he should think about what he wants to store in the cloud and what he wants to store locally. If security is an issue, or if his data consists of large files like movies, then he should keep that locally.

The cheapest solution is Amazon's Glacier. This would be for things he doesn't need all the time. At $0.007 per gigabyte, it's ideal as a "just in case" scenario.

If it's just stuff like documents, then DropBox, One Drive, and Box are good options. For photos, Flickr provides 1TB of free storage. Google Photos has unlimited storage for high quality images. If Bob is an Amazon Prime member, then he'll have unlimited free storage as well. There's also Apple's iCloud.