What power adapters do I need for traveling overseas?

Episode 1261 (37:30)

Patrick from Fallbrook, CA
Ckitze USA to Europe Travel Power Plug Adapter

Patrick is going to be traveling to Ireland and he wants to know how to adapt to the power over there with his technology. Leo says that there are adapters that he can buy which fit into the outlets in that region. They're pretty cheap. But the other part of the story is voltage. The US uses 110 volts, while the rest of the world uses 220 or 240 volts. That's twice the amount. So there is a risk of frying it. Most of his chargers are 120-240 volts. Patrick should look on his AC adapter, as it should say so on it. If it doesn't, Leo says he shouldn't bring it. Or he can bring a transformer to handle the switchover.