How can I use an older Android phone on T-Mobile?

Episode 1260 (54:01)

David from Los Angeles, CA
Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime

David has finally convinced his girlfriend to move over to T-Mobile. Now he's upgrading his Moto and is going with the Samsung Galaxy Grand Prime. Leo says that it's essentially a Samsung Galaxy handset. And for $100, he'll also get a SIM card and removable battery. Dave has also found that it's been upgraded to Lollipop. Leo says that Dave's girlfriend is golden if that's the case.

Dave also noticed that he only gets Edge data when he puts in a SIM card. Leo says that it's likely a setting in Android. He can go online and look up the APN settings for T-Mobile and input them. He should try as the APN. Another option would be to root it with a different ROM like Resurrection Remix. It'll give him Lollipop for the older phone. That may even solve the APN issue.