Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1259 (25:01)

Scott Wilkinson

Over at AVS Forum, Scott has posted an article on "Ten Terrific TVs for Super Bowl Sunday." He advises to avoid "house brands" like Element, Insignia, Sceptre, etc. If you need a value label, Vizio is the way to go. Leo agrees and says that Vizio's software is excellent. There's also LG, Samsung, and Sony.

If you're having a party, you want the largest TV you can afford, and make sure it has an IPS panel, not VA. IPS will provide a wider viewing angle. Leo also says there's no real reason to buy an Ultra HD TV for the Super Bowl since CBS is broadcasting the game in 1080i. So you won't get a better picture by buying a more expensive 4K TV. You'll also want a TV with 120Hz refresh rate or higher.

Scott also recommends turning on frame interpolation for the game. It will sharpen the image a bit, by creating the "soap opera" effect, which while terrible for movies, is ideal for sports. That's the generic term, however, your TV may call it something else.