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Watch Max from West Palm Beach, FL Comments

Max wants to use his dorm's projector to watch the Super Bowl, but it doesn't support HDMI. Can he route it through his home theater system? Leo says that S-Video is probably the best option for that old system. Many older cable boxes support S-Video as well.

The best option is to get an analog to digital converter, though. Max may also need an analog TV Tuner, and they're pretty cheap. Scott Wilkinson agrees, and says that even going with a VCR connection to daisy chain it will solve the issue. He doesn't need it to record, but he can use it for the Tuner.

Watch Jane from Manhattan Beach, CA Comments

Jane has been told to clean up and defrag her desktop every week. Is that correct? Leo says no. It's not necessary to defrag anymore as modern operating systems take care of this on their own. Additionally, for solid state drives, defragmenting is meaningless. Jane also doesn't need to use "CCleaner" to clean up her registry either. In fact, she could make things worse by trying to clean her registry. Sure, she can delete temporary files and clear caches, but all that stuff can be done directly in Windows. The best thing to do is make sure that Windows Update is set to automatically update so she doesn't have to deal with it.

Watch Robert from Rolling Hills, CA Comments

Robert called in to address an issue with Wallapop, a website and app that allows people to buy and sell things locally. It's supposed to be an easier and more local version of Craigslist, but it isn't without its own set of issues. Robert noticed when trying to sell something on Wallapop that there were a significant amount of scammers using the service. He urges people to be careful and cautious when using this service -- especially since they bought a lot of Super Bowl ads and more people may be finding out about it.

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Watch Armando from California Comments

Armando needs a good photo printer for his DSLR. He has a three in one printer but he's not happy with the quality of prints. Leo says that while there are printers that can do double duty, a photo printer and a text printer are two different animals. He'll want a good photo printer with photo printing paper to get the kind of results he's looking for. They are more expensive, though.

Canon's Pixma and Epson's Artisan, Expression and Perfection series are good ones to look at. These make very good photo printers and most pros rely on Epson. Armando may want his printer to be CMYK, and with light and dark cyan and yellow. It will have seven cartridges total.

(Disclaimer: Epson is a sponsor)

Watch Sandy from Orange County, CA Comments

Sandy hears that airlines can raise the price of a ticket if she doesn't buy it right away. Leo says that's true. Browsing an airline will put a "cookie" in the browser which will save the information and the site will then see she's been there and raise the cost. Leo recommends clearing her cookies, or better yet, browse in incognito or private mode. That way she's always looking with "fresh eyes" and they don't know who she is until she's ready to check out.

Watch Rick from Torrance, CA Comments

Rick wants to get the Google Nexus 6. Leo recommends the Nexus 6P through Google Fi. Nexus is the best choice because it's pure Android with no overlays like TouchWiz. He'll always get the next update of Android's OS because it's coming directly from Google.

GoogleFi is great because it will seamlessly hand off from Sprint to Verizon to T-Mobile -- whichever is best. The service is $20 for unlimited text and voice, plus he'll pay for only the data he uses at $10 per gigabyte. They'll even charge fractionally per megabyte. So if he only goes over by a few megs, they'll prorate it.

Watch Chris from San Diego, CA Comments

Chris just bought the Windows Surface Pro 4. What's the best email client for it? Leo isn't fond of Microsoft's default, which is Outlook. He prefers Thunderbird, which is free from Mozilla. It stores email into a standard text based format and also provides calendar capabilities through the Lightning add-on.

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Watch Adonis from Turin, IT Comments

Adonis wants to know how to best clean his computer monitor. Leo says he'll want to be sure to avoid alchol based cleaners, because they could strip the sensitive coating. Leo recommends KlearScreen. A damp microfiber cloth will also work just fine.

Watch Anna from Sherman Oaks, CA Comments

Anna has a mobile phone and she's having issues with missing text messages. She's been told a reset will help. Leo says it could and it's not all that bad to do once in awhile. She should just make sure she's backed up all of her images, videos, and music before she does. Apps will just reinstall.

Anna should go into settings, and look for "Backup and Reset." This will backup her settings and apps. Then she can do a factory reset once she logs back into Google. It'll install everything and she'll be back up and running.

Watch Robert from West Covina, CA Comments

Robert wants to extend his Wi-Fi range. What should he get? Leo says a repeater or extender will help. He'll just put it midway between where he wants to go and where his router is. That will usually work. But if he has issues with the signal getting blocked, he could try powerline networking.

Watch Paul from Yucapia, CA Comments

Paul is thinking about building a new home theater and gaming PC and is looking at NVidia for video cards. Leo says that NVidia's new Pascal platform promises to be lightyears ahead of the state of the art. Leo suggests going to PCPerspective and checking out their hardware leaderboard for the best suggestions.