Why is my mobile phone dying while I charge it?

Episode 1258 (1:23:00)

Marylin from La Mirada, CA

Marilyn has her phone plugged in and it's still losing power. Leo says that runaway software that doesn't close out can cause it as it's always checking for updates. One thing she can do is shut it down and turn it back on to charge it. Plug it in, and then turn it off.

Another option is to put the phone into Airplane Mode. That will turn all the antennas off and prevent it from communicating. But with it being less than a year old, Leo has a hunch that it could be a broken charger or something wrong with the phone. Leo says that a high speed charger will charge it faster because it is more powerful. She should replace the cable. And if all else fails, she may need to reset the phone to factory default.