Super Bowl 50 Coverage Will Not Disappoint

Episode 1258 (02:37)

Super Bowl 50 will have 75% more cameras than last year, and the cameras will be unusual. There will be the pylon cameras that have been used during the regular season this year. It gives you a worms-eye-view of action. It'll be shot with 5K cameras as well, but it won't be broadcast in 5K or even 4K. They also will be using 36 360 degree cameras, so they'll be able to look at a play from every angle. The pylon cameras themselves are even 2K, and that's the lowest resolution they're using.

Last year, SkyCam showed off the Wildcat which can travel at speeds in excess of 25 miles per hour, and it will be used for Super Bowl 50. SkyCam CEO Endre Buxton says that the camera can drop down to 12 feet from the field, and can even go lower as long as they stay 20 yards behind an active player. It's a very interesting camera, equipped with microphones as well, and it'll be possible to physically zoom into the action.

CBS says it will be streaming Super Bowl 50 online, but it might not include the commercials.