How can I use my mobile data plan as my main internet connection?

Episode 1258 (14:52)

Jim from Yucca Valley, CA

Jim lives in a remote area and he uses LTE as his main internet connection with a 10GB package. He'd like to set up a video security system to check with his cell phone. But since he's hotspotting, he can't use an ethernet connection to communicate.

Leo says there are options including Verizon's 4G LTE Router. It's a resell, though, of NetGear's model. Verizon may resist that, however, because they don't want people to use their cellphone plan as a main internet connection.

Other options include Karma Go, which would give him a 'pay as you go' plan. But the more he uses, the more likely they will throttle him. Which is crazy because there's a definite niche market here. Jim should also ask Verizon about "Home Fusion." It will give him an ethernet connection as well as LTE. It's the best of both worlds.

Both Google and Facebook are developing rural internet options including Google's Project Loon (balloons) and Facebook plans to deploy hundreds of solar powered drones for rural internet access.

As for cameras Jim could use, Leo says there are plenty that can be set up to only turn on when detecting motion. This would cut back on the amount of bandwidth they use. Leo uses Axis cameras.