Chris Marquardt on Photography

Episode 1258 (1:12:56)

Chris Marquardt

Chris says that shooting in winter time has its own set of challenges, including that the light tends to become flat and uninteresting. The sky turns gray. It rains, and it's just bland. So one tip in shooting in this time of year is to leave the sky out of it. Concentrate on landscapes and geometrical shapes in your surroundings. Or get into silhouettes. Portraits are also a good option. Use Window light to create indirect and diffused lights for portraits. Practice low light photography. Long exposure times can be practiced while indoors on a cold winter day.

Still life photography is good to practice when the weather isn't cooperating. Document a hobby. Black and white photography is also a good option. But Leo wants to know how to visualize black and white in a colorful scene? Chris says that RED is dark, blue is bright. Green is in the middle. So if you have a lot of reds, they will come off darker than blues or greens.