Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1257 (19:32)

Scott Wilkinson

Scott says that the week before the Super Bowl is actually a bigger week for buying a big screen TV than Black Friday. That's because of the Super Bowl. It's a great time for clearing out the old inventory from last year to get ready for the new models that will come out in the Spring. If you're in the market, Scott has seen a lot of deals and suggests a Samsung SUHD TV. It's high dynamic range. It conforms to the Ultra HD Premium standard, too. Look for the letters "JS" in the model number.

Speaking of the Super Bowl, CBS is shooting the game with 36 5K cameras, and Leo thinks it may be a RED camera. You won't be able to appreciate it, however, because CBS broadcasts in 1080i, so they will downscale the image. But even then, it'll look better. Scott also says they're planning on using it for a virtual reality experience. In fact, there's also going to be 70 iVision 360 cameras for seeing the replay from any angle.