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Watch Bill from Denver, CO Comments

Bill likes his Samsung Galaxy Note 3, but he isn't sure the antenna is all that great. Since he's moving to a new apartment that has sketchy reception, he's looking to upgrade his phone. Leo says the first thing to consider about the "bars" reception indication is that there isn't any standard for signal strength. If he wants a serious test, he can key in the code *3001#12345#, which will give him a field test for his phone. It's very accurate. The closer to zero the better the reception is.

There are also apps in Google Play that will measure his signal strength more accurately. But even then, tests are dependent on a number of factors specific to each phone. The real test is phone call quality and dropped calls.

Getting a new phone is always a good solution to this, though.

Watch Bob from San Jose, CA Comments

Bob bought some games and they demand that he connect to the internet. Leo says that some games have a social aspect to them and the requirement is so he can post scores online and talk to others. So he'll have to be cautious to read the lables to see if it requires the connection. It's also for in-app purchases. Leo says it's poor planning, but that's how they get people.

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Watch Tom from Charlotte, NC Comments

Tom needs to replace his MacBook and iPad with newer models and he's not sure he needs to replace both. Leo says it's a good idea to wait because Apple will be announcing new Skylake models soon. One thought though is that the new 12" MacBook would give him the portability of the iPad and the functionality of a MacBook. And it has a gorgeous Retina screen. But it's that Type-C connector that people don't like.

How about the iPad Pro? Leo says it's about $1200, which is the same as a MacBook. The keyboard is usable and it's a large screen, but Leo says it's a false distinction that an iPad Pro has the benefit of touch. Should he get the Apple Pencil? Leo says only if he will be drawing.

Tom also uses Windows 7 and when he runs a certain program his computer shuts down. Leo says that sounds like a memory leak caused by the program's drivers.

Watch Craig from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Craig has a website called where he features many of his painting and drawings. He wants to animate them. Can he use his camera to do that? Leo says sure, and it will be stop motion to do it. Does he need to buy a special camera? Leo says that a point and shoot will work, but to change out his lenses is beneficial. Leo recommends micro four-thirds. In fact, he can future proof it by shooting in 4K and downsampling to 1080p.

Leo recommends the Panasonic GX8. This is a still camera with 4K video recording. A more affordable option is the Olympus OM-D. And with an adapter, Craig can use old Olympus OM-1 lenses. The E-M5 Mk. II is another good option.

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Watch G. Scott from Lake Tahoe, CA Comments

G. Scott is thinking of cutting the cable, and streaming all of his TV online. Leo says that we're on the cusp of being able to do that with the FCC looking to allow third party cable boxes. But the industry is drastically changing as it becomes easier and easier to get TV shows online. The only challenge is live TV, but if he has a direct line to the TV stations with no obstructions, he can put up a TV antenna and get even better HD quality then that cable box anyway. But even that is changing, and Leo predicts that we'll have live streaming everywhere very soon. It's already started.

Watch Walter from Huntington, WV Comments

Walter got an icon on his Windows machine called "Launch System Healer," and later found out it's malware. How can he get rid of it? Leo says that the problem with malware is that it can be very difficult to get rid of and even if he does, he may not get rid of all of it. But it's called a "PUP" or "potentially unwanted program." It should have an uninstaller, so Walter should look for that. Chances are, Walter accidentally installed it when installing something else that had its own custom installer. Leo suggests going into the Control Panel, then Programs and Features, and try to uninstall it there. Another thing he can do is uninstall everything that has the same date as "System Healer."

Walter also got a browser hijack. And that leads to Leo concluding that Walter's computer is more infected than he believes. He could use Malware Bytes, but all too often the cure is worse than the disease. At this point, the wise move would be to back up his data, format the hard drive, and reinstall Windows from a known, good source. Then he should update it until he's back up and running. The benefit here is that his computer will probably run faster.

Watch Dennis from Yorba Linda, CA Comments

Dennis and his wife are traveling to Rome to renew their vows and he wants to stream it live on the internet with their iPad. Leo says it's completely doable, but the sticker is the connection. Cell connections will break them with international roaming. So they'll need Wi-Fi, or they can get a local SIM and use that data. They can use Periscope or Meerkat on a mobile device to stream it. They can also connect a GoPro camera to it. The great thing is that people can send "hearts" and chat online to them directly.

Watch Chet from Broomfield, CO Comments

Chet has a new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 but he can't figure out how to use the notepad with the other apps. Leo says he can by launching the taskmaster. It's not very well documented. He'll need to press and hold the 'Recent' button, which opens everything he's recently opened. Then he can pick it.

Chet is also wondering how he could use Office 365. Leo says he'll have to use the app, but he can also access the website through the browser.