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Episode 1256 January 24, 2016

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Audience Questions

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Watch Neil from Phoenix, AZ Comments

Neil has the fastest internet tier that Cox offers, but he's still not getting a consistent 300 Mbps speed. Sometimes it's about 20% of what it should be. Leo says that a DOCSIS 3 modem is ideal, and it's also better if his cable modem doesn't also do Wi-Fi. He should be using a third party router.

Also, Leo recently retired his Airport Extreme due to inconsistent performance. He replaced it with an Asus router. Neil should completely disable the wireless functions of the cable modem and let the router handle all the Wi-Fi traffic. But he should remember that the published speeds are ideal conditions and will fluctuate according to traffic, congestion and other things. If he reboots the router and the modem, chances are, it's Cox.

Watch Camden from Indiana Comments

Camden is having issues with his Dell XPS' Wi-Fi connection. He's running Windows 7. Leo says to make sure Camden has the right driver from Dell. This would be the motherboard drivers, because most modern laptops don't have a separate card for it anymore. Leo has seen this happen with his Windows 10 Dell XPS 13, and he'd have to reboot for the Wi-Fi to come back. But when Leo uses Linux Mint with the Broadcom driver, he never has any issues.

Watch Bob from Detroit, MI Comments

Bob wants to switch from POP3 to IMAP. What will happen to his email when he does? Leo says that for complete safety, it would be a good idea to create a new email account for it. But chances are, just changing to the new settings won't do anything to it. Leo also says that Outlook supports archiving and he can archive it folder by folder with separate PST files for each folder. Then he can turn on IMAP with no risk. That's the wise thing to do. Always backup before making a major change.

Watch Judy from Porter Ranch, CA Comments

Judy has a 15" MacBook Pro Retina, but she's been having issues that Apple Support can't solve. She can't edit any photo in Apple Photos. Apple thinks it's a software problem. Leo thinks this is a problem with the cache. Leo suggests exporting out all of her photos into another folder and move that to the desktop. Then she can delete the Apple Photos library and reimport her images. She should make sure it's the unmodified original, and not the thumbnails. Chances are, Judy's photo library became corrupt. It may also be a bug in Apple Photos, as indicated in this Apple Discussions thread.

Here's an Apple support page on how to rebuild the Apple Photos library.

Watch Naomi from Denver, CO Comments

Naomi has Windows 10 installed on her Asus laptop, and she cannot two-finger scroll on the trackpad with it. Is this a Windows 10 problem? Leo says he can two-finger scroll on his Windows 10 laptop. But Naomi says everyone on the internet is complaining about this. Leo says that's a driver issue with the hardware she has. With a new operating system like Windows 10, there's going to be mismatches between the hardware and software. Naomi will just need to find the proper driver for it.

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Watch Jim from San Clemente, CA Comments

Jim bought a new Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and he only gets a few hours of battery life. Leo says that Microsoft is sorely aware of the issues and is promising to push out an update to patch it. The issue is the new Intel Skylake processor that Microsoft says has an issue with power management. Leo says it will get better.

Jim also wants to create a virtual machine to try stuff out. Leo suggests SandBoxie. It'll sandbox any program he installs, rather than create a separate virtualization of Windows.

Watch Naomi from Denver, CO Comments

Naomi has a friend who can't seem to get Internet access with her mobile phone. Leo says if she doesn't have good cell access in her home, then she should ask her carrier for a Femtocel that she can connect to. It basically uses the internet to make phone calls. But she'll have to have a separate internet connection to take advantage of it.

Another option is a signal amplifier. Naomi can check out for the WeBoost. It'll boost her cell signal from where it's best to where it's worst.

She may need to check coverage maps to find the best carrier for her location.

Watch Anthony from Lake Elsinore, CA Comments

Anthony wants to increase the RAM in his laptop. Leo says that he can do that with a special SO DIMM RAM, but he'll need to find out if he can. He can go to iFixit and look it up with their online manuals. Once done, he can go to either or and use the RAM picker to find out what RAM he'll need for it.

Anthony will have to open it up and while he's got it open, why not replace that hard drive with an SSD as well? That'll really make his laptop scream. Another option is to run Linux instead. It can run that older laptop better than Windows. Leo Likes Linux Mint.

Watch Brett from New Jersey Comments

Brett is looking at a ViewSonic 28" LCD monitor. Leo says that ViewSonic makes a very good monitor. Leo recommends comparing that monitor with Dell. They even have a 31" curved monitor that's gorgeous. And their pricing is very aggressive. LG also makes excellent monitors, as does ASUS. Their 4K monitor is spectacular.

One thing to keep in mind though -- computer monitors are designed for computing, not watching movies, even though they're higher in resolution. He should make sure it has an HDMI connection. Leo recommends checking out The Wirecutter for reviews.

Audience QuestionsHour 3

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Watch Charles from Oxnard, CA Comments

Charles just bought a new SSD and he wants to know how he can transfer Windows 7 to it. Leo says Charles will need to have the license key to do it. Then all he needs to do is install the Windows 7 ISO, which he can download from Microsoft, input the license key, and he'll be good to go. If he can't find the product key, Charles can use Belarc Advisor, which will help him find it.

Watch Jerry from Santa Clarita, CA Comments

Jerry has been playing around with overclocking his computer. Could he run it too high? Leo says absolutely. When he starts to see unreliable performance, then he'll know he's clocked it too high. But when overclocking, he'll need to cool it down more and some even rely on liquid cooling. So keep an eye on the temperature, and when he starts to see more crashing, then he'll want to take his foot off the gas a bit.

Watch Mel from Eagle River, AL Comments

Mel's wife is having issues with her Kindle Paperwhite and she wants a new reader. Should he get her a tablet? Leo says he can, but remember that the Kindle Paperwhite is easier to read on than a tablet. But they're limited in what they can do and sales have plummeted on Kindles since the iPad came out. Leo says that Amazon updated the Kindle Paperwhite recently, so Mel may want to get that. But Leo recommends getting her the iPad Mini. Then she gets the best of both worlds.

Watch Dan from Jacksonville, IL Comments

Dan's friend broke his phone, and he wanted to let him use his old Samsung Galaxy S4 phone. But Dan has Sprint and his friend has AT&T. Leo says he can try it by just slipping his old SIM into it. If it doesn't work, he'll know. If not, then it's time to get a new phone. But all new mobile devices are LTE now, so they can be used on other networks.

Watch AJ from Milwaukee, WI Comments

AJ wants to know how many TV Tuners he can use with Windows Media Center in Windows 7 with HomeRun. Mike B in the chatroom says if it supports an M cable card, that it could run six tuners per card. It's most likely a hardware limit more than a software limit. But he shouldn't upgrade Windows, he'll lose Windows Media Center.

This technote from Microsoft says it can handle 4 digital and 4 analog tuners.

AJ is also wondering if multiple hard drives will slow down a computer. Leo says no. He can have as many as his PC bus can handle.

Watch Chris from Miami, FL Comments

Chris wants to know if he can replace the processor in his laptop. Leo says no. It's soldered in. Laptops aren't designed to be upgraded.

Watch Andrew from Erie, PA Comments

Andrew wants to add an SSD to his laptop. Can he just swap out the optical drive? Leo says if it's a Mac, he can. MacSales has an enclosure just for that purpose. So if his laptop supports that feature, he's golden. The key is the enclosure.

SSDs are more expensive, so Andrew should go with a smaller SSD and keep the hard drive as his data drive. Is there a good software solution for moving everything over? Leo says that almost every hard drive has a drive copy utility, or at least did. It's essentially a sector by sector copy utility. Then he can just tell BIOS what to boot to. The chatroom suggests this utility from EaseUS.

The Samsung EVO SSD is the one to get. It's the best one out there right now. How will the boot manager know what to boot too? Leo says it should pick it up in the BIOS.

Watch Debbie from Calabassas, CA Comments

Debbie keeps getting emails from people saying that they can't open the attachment she sent. Is she being spoofed? Leo says yes. It's very common and unfortunately, there's nothing she can do about it except wait. Eventually, the spammer will move on to another email, and they'll go away.

Leo recommends setting up a GMail filter to route those emails to the trash. Then at least she'll never see it. But if in the body of the email, someone is impersonating Debbie, then that means she's been hacked and someone is using her Gmail account. She should change her password immediately. And in the bottom of her webmail, she'll see an 'account details' link. That will tell her how often she was hacked and from where. Debbie should also turn on two factor authentication so it's much harder to hack her email account.