Why don't Macs have a delete key?

Episode 1255 (1:05:59)

John from Santa Cruz, CA
Apple Keyboard

John uses Windows, but he has an iPhone 6. The one thing he doesn't get is why Apple computers don't have a delete key. Leo says that Apple wants to get rid of older keys from the early days of computing, including Print Screen, Pause/Break, and even the Delete key. Apple actually got rid of the Delete key a long time ago. John will have to press CMD/Backspace to duplicate that function.

Leo says he can get a third party keyboard and get that function again. What about in iOS? Leo says he can use third party keyboards in the App Store, but it can be annoying to use since many other functions still have to use the Apple keyboard. One thing he can do in the iPhone 6s and 6s+ is press and hold the iPhone keyboard and it will turn into a cursor and trackpad function so he can move the cursor whereever he wants.