Scott Wilkinson on Home Theater

Episode 1255 (20:20)

Scott Wilkinson

A caller can't seem to find the Vizio Reference series TV. He's looked everywhere. Scott says that the Vizio Reference series is their top of the line, using quantum dots to get a higher dynamic range and color gamut, and also supporting Dolby Vision. Leo says that Vizio has traditionally been a second tier value brand, but the Reference series shows that they can play with the 1st tier boys. The 65" is about $6,000. But where can you buy it? Scott says to go to and sign up for a special order. It's not being sold yet and will only be available in limited quantities. Scott also says it will have a glossy screen, so you'll have to block out the windows to prevent reflections. The idea behind the glossy screen is that it helps create deeper blacks, which is what you want for a better picture.

Should Gary look to another model? An OLED perhaps? What about burn in? Leo says he's had his OLED for three years and he's noticed no burn in at all. But it may start to dim in blue and purple pixels. Leo hasn't seen that at all, either. Scott says the LG OLED B6 Series is an option. It comes with OLED and Web OS 2.0.