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Watch Danny from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Danny is having issues running Adobe Photoshop Elements 10 on his MacBook with Retina display. The icons look pixelated. Leo says that is a common issue with the Retina display when using an older version of an app. Apple deliberately makes the display larger and at half the resolution so he can see what he's looking at. He'll get the full resolution for videos and images, however.

Danny can force it to show at full resolution in the display settings, but then the text becomes really small. Also, the older program may not understand the display. He can also use third party software called SwitchResX, QuickRes, or Retina Display Menu. The cost is $0 to $5, and he probably won't find it on the App store. He'll have to search around.

Watch Rick from LaVerne, CA Comments

Rick has had issues with all his data, favorites, and icons all disappearing. What's happening? Leo says that Windows Home Folder keeps all the stuff in it and it could be that the home directory for his log in became corrupt. It ends up logging him on with a temporary profile. Leo says that's a sure fire indication that his profile is somehow damaged. It could either be a hard drive error or a Windows error. The good news is that the data is probably still there, but he just can't see it in his account. It's likely an indication that his hard drive is starting to go South. It may be time to replace that hard drive. He can also boot into the system installer and run the repair utility.

The Chatroom has a few links to articles that could help:


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Watch Jay from Providence, NC Comments

Jay wants to try out new apps, but how can he trust the developers, especially if he has to pay for it? Leo says he longs for the old days of shareware. But then again, security wasn't an issue back then. Leo says that OS X Yosemite and above has a Gatekeeper setting for the App store that can filter out all but Mac App Store Identified developers. This is like a certification, which gives him a bit of more confidence on the developers.

Watch John from Santa Cruz, CA Comments

John uses Windows, but he has an iPhone 6. The one thing he doesn't get is why Apple computers don't have a delete key. Leo says that Apple wants to get rid of older keys from the early days of computing, including Print Screen, Pause/Break, and even the Delete key. Apple actually got rid of the Delete key a long time ago. John will have to press CMD/Backspace to duplicate that function.

Leo says he can get a third party keyboard and get that function again. What about in iOS? Leo says he can use third party keyboards in the App Store, but it can be annoying to use since many other functions still have to use the Apple keyboard. One thing he can do in the iPhone 6s and 6s+ is press and hold the iPhone keyboard and it will turn into a cursor and trackpad function so he can move the cursor whereever he wants.

Watch Mike from Los Angeles, CA Comments

Mike has an iPhone 5C using iBooks and he finds it hard to read. He's also a Windows user. What tablet should be buy? Leo says if Mike is used to Windows then he recommends the Windows Surface 3 or Surface Book. The Surface Book is a bit more expensive, but he can detach the keyboard and use it as a tablet.

The Dell Venue 8 Pro has full Windows. An Android tablet is a good option as well. Google has their own tablet with the pure Android experience, called the Pixel C. Leo likes it and he can get a detachable keyboard for it like the Surface. He should make sure he gets one with Marshmallow if he goes with Android.

Watch Dave from San Diego, CA Comments

Dave has an old iMac that works fine, but when he gets on some websites, it starts to lag. He could update to OS X El Capitan, but would that help? Leo says that its a good idea to update for security reasons, but it probably won't help when loading up certain websites. It really depends on the site. What's more likely is that the hard drive is slowing him down. A bad sector can really slow it down as the computer is trying to read it. Leo advises backing up his data, format the hard drive and then update to El Capitan. Dave should download El Capitan first and put it on a USB Key. He can even make it a bootable installer. Replacing that hard drive with an SSD could really speed it up, but it's not easy to do.

Watch Rick from Phelan, CA Comments

Rick is having issues with Flash. Leo says Flash was great in its time, but it's now a dog. It has security flaws, has become bloated, and even Adobe has started to move away from it. HTML5 is the new standard. Leo advises uninstalling it and going with Google Chrome. They've included Flash inside of it and it's sandboxed. It also gets updated automatically. So it's much safer.

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Watch Eddie from Austin, TX Comments

Leo says that there's a lot of techno panic in advances with new technologies. Steve Gibson sees all the things that can go wrong. Others just embrace the change. Of course, changes can be disruptive and you can end up being bit by things like CryptoLocker. Leo recommends doing the update though nonetheless.

Watch Ellie from Honolulu, HI Comments

Ellie wants to know how to use the Apple Watch as a voice recorder. Leo says that she can get an iPhone app called Just Press Record that will connect to her Apple Watch and use it as a recorder. It costs $2.99. It transmits the recording both to the iPhone and the Cloud. She can even share the recording via email. There's also an OS X version for $4.99.

Watch Gary from Cape Cod, MA Comments

Gary has lost the ability to enter a pass phrase and now has to enter a six digit number on his mobile phone. Leo says that it makes it much harder to guess, and when coupled with the feature to wipe the phone after 10 tries, he'll be pretty secure. He also has the fingerprint reader. That six digit code means someone would have to try millions of password combinations. So he's safe.

Watch Bobbie from Hunting Beach, CA Comments

Bobbie has ripped all her CDs and is trying to sync them to her iPad, but they won't sync. Leo says it's likely that her iPad is full and just can't take anymore data. Leo says she can manually manage her iTunes music, or she can use playlists. That way she can replace her playlists as needed. She can also use iTunes Match, which for $25 a year, will enable her to stream music from the cloud. She could also get a device that supports Bluetooth or AirPlay. Then she can stream to her home theater or Bose system.