Why is my computer going to sleep all the time?

Episode 1254 (1:55:41)

Hugo from Azusa, CA

Hugo has an HP which goes into sleep mode all the time when he touches the mouse. Leo says there has to be a setting that's doing it. He should look in the power options. Windows 10 recommends the balanced plan and he can adjust it. But if it still goes to sleep, then there's something weird going on.

It's possible that something went wrong during the OS install. Windows 10 chooses kernels based on hardware capability, and if it chooses the wrong one, it won't handle the hardware interface well. He recommends going to the HP site and search the knowledge base for similar issues. If he doesn't find the fix there, it could be a hardware issue. He should talk to HP support about it.
Even if he's out of warranty, he may still be able to convince them to cover it.

Microsoft also has a tech note about this. It seems the cause could be balanced power issues in Windows 10.