Why does Wi-Fi keep dropping out on my laptop?

Episode 1254 (1:48:55)

Gary from Riverside, CA

Gary has a Dell Inspiron computer running Windows 8 and it keeps dropping its internet connection. Leo says he's been having the same issues with one of his XPS 13 machines. Leo says that there is a function key that will turn off the wireless and if he accidentally hits it, he can disable it. But it's also an ongoing issue with Dell.

The chatroom says that there is a powersaving mode in the Dell that will turn off Wi-Fi to save power, so it may be that it's been enabled. Gary can look under Device Manager > Network Adapters, then right click on the wireless card. Click on the "Power Management" tab, and he should see "Allow the computer to turn off the device to save power." Unchecking that box should solve the problem.