What's a good cheap gaming computer?

Episode 1254 (1:42:02)

Elliot from Boston, MA

Elliot's Mac died and now he has to use an old Windows machine. What can he do to speed it up? Leo says that Elliot is the prime candidate for a Raspberry Pi 2 computer. At $35, he can't beat it. And it runs on Linux.

Elliot wants to game, though, and he plays Gary's Mod a lot. There is also Steam for Linux, but he might not be able to get Gary's Mod on that. If he needs a decent computer, it all comes down to budget. Leo says he can also put Windows 10 on a Raspberry Pi, but it won't be very good with graphics.

The Steam Box may be a good option for Elliot if all he wants is a low cost gaming rig. Fry's has a PC for under $100 with 2 GB of RAM. But Leo says that Elliot is going to end up spending about $500 for a decent gaming rig. And if he builds it, he'll learn how computers work. It won't save any money, but it'll be a great project.

Leo suggests checking out pcper.com's Hardware Leaderboard. They have the best components for each price level. He should also check out NewEgg.com's barebones systems.