What's the best way to wire my house for the Internet?

Episode 1254 (24:54)

Ed from Chino Hills, CA

Ed is building a house in a remote area. Should he install Cat 5e or Cat 6 cable? Leo says that the faster it is, the more expensive it is. It's about 30% faster with each level. So Leo says to future proof your home, buy the 5e, but he should put in conduit so he can replace it with faster cables down the line. It won't speed up internet access, it'll just speed delivery of data within the house. Most people will just be using Wi-Fi, though.

Ed is also wondering what home automation system to choose. Leo says that home automation is not without its bumps. Nest has had issues. The latest thing is presence detection, where the software does something when arriving like opening the doors, etc. But that's going to be a security challenge.

Apple's Home Kit will be proprietary. Google's will be Open Source, as likely will be other contenders like Smart Things. It's still up in the air who's going to end up on top.