Are Google Chromebooks secure enough for use in schools?

Episode 1254 (1:30:28)

Janice from Tehachapi, CA
Samsung Chromebook

Janice is hearing that her school may be getting Chromebooks. But Janice is worried the school might not want to get them because of privacy concerns with all data being stored in the cloud. Leo says that the data will be in the cloud whether it's with Google or not. And it's understandable to be concerned. The EFF tells us that we should be. So it's a legitimate issue. But even then, Chromebooks are great for schools because of their narrowly focused OS. They're very secure. They can be "powerwashed" back to factory settings should things go awry. And updates are automatic.

Check out this article from for tips on how to be aware and be secure and private.

Frankly, Leo trusts Google's cloud services over a local network when it comes to privacy. The Chromebook is way more private than other options.