What's the best phone camera?

Episode 1253 (50:12)

Amy from Huntington Beach, CA
Samsung Galaxy S6

It's time for Amy to upgrade to a new phone and she wants the best camera she can get. Leo says that most have great cameras these days. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best, as is the Galaxy Note 5, but low light performance is an issue for any mobile phone camera. She should look at the reviews and see what the F stop number is. The lower the number, the better it is in low light. Also, the smaller the pixels, the worse it is in low light. So Amy should check the micron size as well. She'll also want to look for a dual color flash.

Leo says staying with the Galaxy S6 or Note V would be best. The LG G4 is another phone with a great camera. All of these have optical image stabilization too. If she wants to consider a Windows Phone, the Microsoft Lumia 950 has a great camera. The Sony Xperia is a good option, but Leo doesn't care for the skin they put on Android. Unless she really wants the battery life the Sony offers, Leo advises staying away from that.