How can I watch TV with my bluetooth headset?

Episode 1253 (1:02:10)

Mike from Chula Vista, CA

Mike just bought a Sony Bluetooth over the ear headphone set. Can he use it with his television? Leo says he can get a Bluetooth transmitter, and if his TV has a headphone jack, he can just plug it in and then pair that to his headphones. He should look for A2DP because that has the best quality audio. Analog could cause a bit of delay, though. That's why keeping it digital is important. If there is delay, Mike can possibly adjust it in his TVs audio settings.

Mike also watches the stream with Chromecast, but sometimes it stalls. Leo says that's buffering and it's a matter of the signal "catching up" with the amount of bandwidth he has. TWiT sends out pretty high quality video, and enough of the video needs to be downloaded in order to play. If he doesn't have sufficient bandwidth to play it, it will have to freeze while it downloads more.