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Watch Mark from Brooklyn, ON Comments

Mark has a teenage daughter who has a Windows 8 laptop she bought two years ago. They upgraded to WIndows 10, and now they're having issues with the laptop's keyboard and trackpad. They tried reinstalling the OS, but that didn't work. It does work with an external keyboard. Leo says that indicates a hardware failure, not the result of upgrading to Windows. Leo says that Mark can look in the Device Manager and see if there's any red X's by the trackpad and keyboard. It could just be a bad driver, but then again, they reinstalled the OS and the problem persists. So it has to be hardware.

Since it's out of warranty, she should still try and see how much it would cost to repair. It may be an easy fix. Google the problem. If it's an easy fix, she may be able to repair it herself. But that can be tricky. If it worked in Windows 8, she could try downgrading to see if it works again. If it does, then it could very well be the driver that Microsoft replaced it with. She should check the manufacturer for Windows 10 drivers and try reinstalling them.

Watch Peter from Lake Geneva, WI Comments

Peter has a Motorola Nexus 6. Leo says it's a gorgeous phone but huge (code named Shamu). Peter says it hasn't been updated to Marshmallow yet, even though it's been unlocked. Leo says that T-Mobile got the Marshmallow update last month. Peter is on Google Fi, though. Leo says that he should've gotten it updated before anyone else. The word is that the Marshmallow OTA update has been out since October. Peter could install a factory image himself, but sideloading is tricky.

He should consult, which is a great forum for rooting and updating his Android phone. He should search for the exact model of his phone and follow the instructions and make sure to backup first. Leo says Peter will get it eventually since it's a rolling update. So he should wait a few weeks.

Watch Paul from Tarzana, CA Comments

Paul has a NetGear cable modem/router and he suddenly can't access it to make any changes. Leo says that routers are really cheap computers and sometimes it can get bit-rotted just like any other computer. Paul should try doing a factory reset. Then he should be able to log in and re-enter all of his settings. It's a good thing to do once in a while anyway.

Watch Lois from California Comments

Lois has an HP computer that is running very slowly. She's wondering if there's any program she could get to speed it up. Leo says there are cleaners, but none of them are any good and she should avoid them. The only and best way to fix a slow computer is to start over fresh. Lois should backup her data and then run the recovery disk, wipe the drive, and reinstall Windows. Most computers nowadays don't come with recovery disks, but computers 5 years ago likely did come with them.

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Watch Amy from Huntington Beach, CA Comments

It's time for Amy to upgrade to a new phone and she wants the best camera she can get. Leo says that most have great cameras these days. The Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the best, as is the Galaxy Note 5, but low light performance is an issue for any mobile phone camera. She should look at the reviews and see what the F stop number is. The lower the number, the better it is in low light. Also, the smaller the pixels, the worse it is in low light. So Amy should check the micron size as well. She'll also want to look for a dual color flash.

Leo says staying with the Galaxy S6 or Note V would be best. The LG G4 is another phone with a great camera. All of these have optical image stabilization too. If she wants to consider a Windows Phone, the Microsoft Lumia 950 has a great camera. The Sony Xperia is a good option, but Leo doesn't care for the skin they put on Android. Unless she really wants the battery life the Sony offers, Leo advises staying away from that.

Watch Mike from Chula Vista, CA Comments

Mike just bought a Sony Bluetooth over the ear headphone set. Can he use it with his television? Leo says he can get a Bluetooth transmitter, and if his TV has a headphone jack, he can just plug it in and then pair that to his headphones. He should look for A2DP because that has the best quality audio. Analog could cause a bit of delay, though. That's why keeping it digital is important. If there is delay, Mike can possibly adjust it in his TVs audio settings.

Mike also watches the stream with Chromecast, but sometimes it stalls. Leo says that's buffering and it's a matter of the signal "catching up" with the amount of bandwidth he has. TWiT sends out pretty high quality video, and enough of the video needs to be downloaded in order to play. If he doesn't have sufficient bandwidth to play it, it will have to freeze while it downloads more.

Watch Julia from Milwaukee, OR Comments

Julia upgraded to Windows 10 and she doesn't like it at all. She wants to downgrade, but the problem is that she is past the 30 day downgrade window. Leo says that at this point, the only thing she can do is get out her Windows 7 disc, wipe the drive, and reinstall. Her computer may not have come with one, which is common. She did make system recovery discs onto a DVD, however. So it should be a matter of running the install, formatting the hard drive, and getting back up. She may want to put that recovery onto a USB key instead. It'll last longer.

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Watch Adam from Wethersfield, CT Comments

Adam wants to get a network attached storage (NAS). He's thinking of getting a Drobo. Leo says he recommends Synology or NetGear. Adam also wants a faster connection. Leo's NAS transfers 1GB per second. The reason that Adam's NAS is slow is because he's doing it over a Wi-Fi network. If he gets a faster Wi-Fi router, it'll speed things up. Or he can hardwire it.

Watch Emilio from Lubbock, TX Comments

Emilio is having issues with his Apple Airport Time Capsule not working. Leo suggests resetting it to see if that resolves the issue. Leo also recommends checking out the Airport Management Utility on his Mac.

Watch Emilio from Lubbock, TX Comments

Emilio also wants a good Bluetooth headset. Leo says that Parrot has a good one, as is Plantronics. He'll want good noise cancellation, and Jawbone is the best for that.

Watch Wendy from Pasadena, CA Comments

Wendy needs to give away her old Dell computers. Does she have to worry about leaving data on the hard drive? Leo says absolutely. If she doesn't take out the hard drive, then the data could be accessed by someone. E-Waste recycling events are great, but before she does that, she should run DBAN to wipe off the hard drive. Then she can give it away with no worries.

Watch Clay from Highland, CA Comments

Clay keeps getting email from Google saying someone tried to access his account with a link to say "check your devices." Leo says it may be legit, but he should never click on links in email. Instead, if he's a Gmail user, he can go the bottom of his Gmail and find a link that gives him information on who has used his account. He shouldn't ever click on a link or button embedded in his email. It could be a spoof or phishing scam. Always go straight to the source.